Metin Sezer

Director of New Products

Metin Sezer is Director of New Products at European Computer Telecoms AG (ECT). He started his career at ECT as a software engineer over fourteen years ago. Since then he has held various positions in the company, including Project Manager as well as Presales and Product Manager.

Due to his ECT background Metin has a strong understanding of ECT technology, he knows exactly how to evolve it and how to incorporate WebRTC in the ECT product portfolio. This is what he does as Director of New Products.

Metin is an expert on WebRTC, its features and the possibilities it offers to operators. His experience furthermore includes broad expertise on IVR and contact center technology as well as their integration into a carrier’s network. Due to his background in pre-sales, Metin has excellent connections to first-tier carriers around the world where he finds out about their particular requirements and advises them on how they can incorporate WebRTC in their network to offer even more added value.

Metin is French of Turkish origin and fluent in four languages, i.e. English, Turkish, German and French, which makes him a great representative of the international corporate culture at ECT.